11 Dec 2013

A Precarious Voyage

Please join me tonight for a mega opening at the Roger Smith Hotel on 47th and Lex. They’ve asked me to curate a video for their in-room Channel 36, naturally I’ve chosen Beau Stanton‘s “A Precarious Voyage,” which debuted in a multi-media piece at our Message in a Bottle booth at Scope Miami. Come have some drinks and explore the historic family-owned

7 Dec 2013

Once Upon a Time Down There

Once Upon a Time Down There Mixed media, site-specific installation Curator: Lori Zimmer Composed of sculpture, political propaganda and historic artifacts, Nyugen Smith’s site specific installation is a fictional museum documenting the colonization of Africa and the West Indies. As told through several bodies of work that span the artist’s career, these salvaged boats, healing elixirs, homemade maps and books, all contribute to the historical contextualization of an imaginary location, where real events have taken

4 Dec 2013


Ron English brings his unique brand of “subvertising” to SCOPE Miami Beach with an installation exploring the many layers of advertising as wish fulfillment and thought control. Using his signature technique of stretching truth and taste just beyond acceptable limits, English forces us to confront the loaded impact of our littered visual landscape. Ron English Subvertising Hand-screened posters, installation variable Curator: Lori

16 Jul 2013

Jon Burgerman

Please join me on Tuesday July 16th, 2013 at The Roger Smith Hotel to celebrate Jon Burgerman‘s awesome new black and white mural room off of Lily’s bar that will take over the space until September, curated” (whatever that means) by Danika Druttman and me. There will be wine provided by the hotel, good music, fun banter, art nerds, a piano for talented pianists (hehe), a beautiful rooftop bar that feels like the 1940s, stickers

11 Jul 2013

Every Which Way But Loose

QF Gallery is pleased to announce Every Which Way But Loose, curated by Lori Zimmer, an outdoor sculpture garden at artMRKT Hamptons from July 11-14, 2013. Presenting the work of Coby Kennedy, Nyugen Smith and Trong Gia Nguyen, this sculptural collection is based loosely on our uncertain past and present and looming future, and the necessary survival and humor to direct and cope with all that’s ahead. Each artist selected deals with consumption, surveillance, fame,

10 Jun 2013


The Window at 125 in pleased to present the first in The Introducing Series Season 3 introductions. In keeping with The Series’ recurrent objective of introducing artists Lori Zimmer, founder of Art Nerd, was asked to select an artist/s that she would like to champion, she chose CHERYL. For 2 weeks the artist collective CHERYL will use the Window as a mini studio with the intention of revealing the artists’ working process to midtown’s habitual