See the entire exhibition here- FCKVRYTHNG.com.

Launched, November 8, 2017- one year after Election Day. I’ve brought together 27 works by 22 artists from different walks of life, each addressing the onslaught of issues and rights violations we’ve all been going through (too many to list here), but most importantly the rise of voices of hate that are heard all over the country. FCKVRYTHNG is not just a presentation of art works- each piece is accompanied by a narrative by the artist, as well as cold hard facts in chronology, and a “Further reading” section with news links, because even though the news is totally overwhelming, we all need to be in the know right now.

Thanks to the artists who have gone above the norm and put time and effort into this-
Allison Sommers, Bruce Conkle, Cat Del Buono, CHERYL, Chintia Kirana, Emperor Vanity Society, Erik Foss, Heather Ripley, Jamie Martinez, Joanne Leah, Jonathan Grassi, Julia Sinelnikova, Katya Grokhovsky, Lukas Maverick Greyson, Marne Lucas, MuffinheadAdrian Buckmaster, Nyugen E. Smith, PlusAziz, Rebecca Paul, Samson Contompasis, Tim Okamura, Vahge