I wrote a book- The Art of Cardboard out now

July 20, 2015 — by lorizimmer

Many of  you know I was asked to make my first foray into book writing last year, exploring artists whose creativity and process transforms the mundane material of cardboard into the realm of fine art. As the Art Editor of sustainable design website for the past 5 years, I was excited to be able to further explore some of the artists working in this medium whose work I’d be introduced to and impressed by in the articles I’ve written. With a nearly impossible turn around time, I retreated to Berlin (my New York City is not a place for concentration), and spent the summer typing away from the aromatic Cupcake Berlin in Friedrichshain. And now it is available at
The Art of Cardboard: Big Ideas for Creativity, Collaboration, Storytelling, and Reuse interviews twenty artists working in the medium, albeit very differently, and ends with 10 DIY projects by artists friends you will recognize from my network. It is available through all of the regular book sellers (and is affordable)- I hope you’ll pick up a copy and like it on Facebook.GET IT HERE or stay tuned for signed copies in my store.It’s still weird to see my name on a book! I can’t thank the artists enough – Andy Barrett, Cardboard Box Office, EVOL, Lacy Barry, Wayne White, Ann Weber, Jillian Salik, Jozef Sumoichrast, Joseph DeLappe, Laurence Vallieres, Mykl Wells, Taro Hattori, Kiel Johnson, Chris Gilmour, Don Lucho/Luise Valdes, Dosshaus, Daniel Agdag, Maika’i Tubbs, Mark Langan, James Grashow, Muffinhead and my DIYers Logan Hicks, Beau Stanton, Ian Kuali’I, James Heffron, Jud Bergeron, Lacy Barry, James Cerasani, Rebecca Paul and Jeronimo Zancaner and of course Robin Redd.



June 29, 2015 — by lorizimmer


I’m very excited to be heading San Diego for my next curatorial project during Comic Con, the Geeks for Peace charity event hosted by my buddy Morgan Spurlock and Kevin Smith. My co-curator Natalie Kates and I have put together a strong show of 32 vibrant artists who have generously donated works to benefit Kids for Peace. If you’re unable to come to the event on July 10th in San Diego (its going to be a GREAT time), you can bid on pieces at Paddle8– check out the show and let me know what you think! I think we totally rocked it.












Mark John Smith- Total SMIT at Roger Smith Hotel

June 11, 2015 — by lorizimmer


Thursday, June 11, 2015, please join me once again at the Roger Smith Hotel (47th and Lex)-around the corner at the Window at 125 (125 E 47th St) where I’ll be presenting Mark John Smith’s “SMIT.” The exhibition in the window will be on display for the summer, but throughout the opening Mark will be intermittently performing in the window (in between socializing and sipping the free wine). Come by after work and enjoy the hotel’s two bars (the official reception is in Lily’s…check the bar for some free vino), as well as a Mega Opening of other artists around the historic family-owned hotel.




Escape at Roger Smith Hotel

April 23, 2015 — by lorizimmer


Showing on Channel 22 on the televisions in all guest rooms at Roger Smith, Escape is a series of five short films curated by Art Nerd New York’s Lori Zimmer exclusively for us.  The films, by Alexandra MominBeau StantonLacy BarryKatya Grokhovsky and Roberto Serrini transport hotel guests to the streets of New York City, above and beyond, all from the comfort of their beds.

The chaotic blur of color and action in New York City is captured by Alexandra Momin’s Breathe, which abstracts the city into beautifully hazy hues that run together amidst the city streets. Katya Grokhovsky’sStatus Update delves into the minds (and phones) of the modern New Yorker, who navigates the busy pedestrian traffic of actual Manhattan- all the while maintaining an online life (and often causing infuriating pedestrian congestion with rampant and frequent status updates on social media).

Roberto Serrini takes us above and beyond in Mother New York, flying high amongst the concrete landscape and slowly slipping across the shores of the East River. Picking up where Serrini left off, Beau Stanton’s Submariner plunges into the waters for a fantastical peddle-powered voyage along the floor of New York’s waterways.

Finally, Lacy Barry’s Doves brings us back home to a simpler time, before 150 square feet seemed like an adequate space for a home. Barry’s narrative film also shows off her signature paper craft pieces, which mesh fine art and fashion.

The Roger Smith Hotel’s Channel 22 is dedicated to video art. Every 2 months we present the work of a new artist with the intention of bringing art straight into the guest rooms.




Logan Hicks- Destination Unknown

December 7, 2014 — by lorizimmer


Agent Lori Zimmer is proud to present Destination Unknown, by photorealist stencil artist Logan Hicks, a series of six anodized aluminum subway windows for SCOPE Art Show’s Special Projects. Each piece is custom milled and anodized to create a brooding film noir portrait of various subway riders, capturing the isolated feel within a dense metropolis. Located at the back of the Scope art fair. Be sure to grab one of our Metro Card inspired takeaways.

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Beau Stanton’s A Precarious Voyage at Roger Smith Hotel

December 11, 2013 — by lorizimmer


Please join me tonight for a mega opening at the Roger Smith Hotelon 47th and Lex. They’ve asked me to curate a video for their in-room Channel 36, naturally I’ve chosen Beau Stanton‘s “A Precarious Voyage,” which debuted in a multi-media piece at our Message in a Bottle booth at Scope Miami. Come have some drinks and explore the historic family-owned hotel!



Ron English- Subvertising at SCOPE Miami 2013

December 6, 2013 — by lorizimmer


Ron English brings his unique brand of “subvertising” to SCOPE Miami Beach with an installation exploring the many layers of advertising as wish fulfillment and thought control. Using his signature technique of stretching truth and taste just beyond acceptable limits, English forces us to confront the loaded impact of our littered visual landscape.

Ron English

Hand-screened posters, installation variable
Curator: Lori Zimmer

ron4 ron3 ron1 ron2 ron5


Message in a Bottle at Scope Art Show Miami

December 2, 2013 — by lorizimmer


Opening December 2nd, 2013 at SCOPE Art Show Miami, Message in a Bottle explores the romantic history of blindly throwing messages to sea, leaving it to the hands of fate to deliver them to their intended recipient. Visitors are invited into a maritime ship chandlery, where contemporary artists have created their own message for the ages, captured inside bottles and waiting to be unlocked by their new owners. Curated by Art Nerd New York’s Lori Zimmer, the exhibition features a spotlight on Brooklyn-based artist Beau Stanton, and will include a special animation that furthers the seafaring fantasy.

















Jon Burgerman at Roger Smith Hotel

July 16, 2013 — by lorizimmer


Please join me on Tuesday July 16th, 2013 at The Roger Smith Hotel to celebrate Jon Burgerman‘s awesome new black and white mural room off of Lily’s bar that will take over the space until September, curated” (whatever that means) by Danika Druttman and me. There will be wine provided by the hotel, good music, fun banter, art nerds, a piano for talented pianists (hehe), a beautiful rooftop bar that feels like the 1940s, stickers from Burgerman and MAYBE a performance by the artist and his Ukelele (maybe). Bring your friends, but try to RSVP if you can




Every Which Way But Loose at Art Mrkt Hamptons

July 11, 2013 — by lorizimmer


QF Gallery is pleased to announce Every Which Way But Loose, curated by Lori Zimmer, an outdoor sculpture garden at artMRKT Hamptons from July 11-14, 2013. Presenting the work of Coby Kennedy, Nyugen Smith and Trong Gia Nguyen, this sculptural collection is based loosely on our uncertain past and present and looming future, and the necessary survival and humor to direct and cope with all that’s ahead. Each artist selected deals with consumption, surveillance, fame, and violence through commercialization and redemption.

The works included in Every Which Way But Loose hold a tongue-in-cheek survivalist approach, with a forward-moving attitude of making due and moving on, in a creative and interactive manner. Each piece invites visitors to interact and engage, and to transport themselves for a moment into a reality where guns are sold like Ice Pops, homes are cobbled together like life-sized collages from scavenged objects, and your 15 minutes of fame may very well be while you are in a compromising position.

Every Which Way But Loose pokes at the constraints of the human condition, with large-scale sculptures, through the eyes of Kennedy, Smith and Nguyen.

Coby Kennedy Supple and Demand
Coby Kennedy Supple and Demand
Coby Kennedy Supple and Demand
Coby Kennedy Supple and Demand
Coby Kennedy Supple and Demand
Coby Kennedy Supple and Demand

Coby Kennedy’s Supply And Demand vending machines are a satirical play on modern consumerism. One (red) peddles popular cliches such as Newports, boxcutters and Phillies blunts illustrating how even a bad-boy lifestyle can be marketed and sold. The other machine (green) takes on our country’s red-button issue with gun control. Both machines are intended to be blatant and sensational, abrasively highlighting the often exploitative relationship between producer and consumer.

Trong Nguyen, Guy Debord

Trong Nguyen, Guy Debord, inside! chop chop!
Trong Nguyen, Guy Debord, inside! chop chop!
Trong Nguyen, Guy Debord
Trong Nguyen, Guy Debord

Trong Gia Nguyen’s Guy Debord (guillotine) is a wooden shed/outhouse whose door has a hole cut out where the visitor may insert his head. Peeking inside reveals projected video clips of Andy Warhol’s “screen tests.” The countenances of Warhol’s pals are spliced and re-embodied with disparate “bathroom tests” depicting individuals, from the shoulders down, sitting on the commode. Looking straight down, a tilted mirror inside a large basket reflects a more dire and morbid predicament. The basket, it seems, is there to catch the viewer’s head as he finds himself placed under the blade of a guillotine.

Nyugen Smith and the Bundle House ConfeSHUNal
Nyugen Smith and the Bundle House ConfeSHUNal
a Detail from Bundle House ConfeSHUNal
a Detail from Bundle House ConfeSHUNal
Bundle House ConfeSHUNal’s sin sheets and drawings made from them
Bundle House ConfeSHUNal’s sin sheets and drawings made from them
Bundle House and Guy Debord on the Historical Society lawn
Bundle House and Guy Debord on the Historical Society lawn

Nyugen Smith’s Bundle Houses are conglomerations of found objects that address survival, tragedy and crises. The make-shift shelter-sculptures evoke at once dystopian futures, present day refugees, and recent hurricane victims, seamlessly meshing these messages into impeccable and relevant sculpture. In this iteration, Smith will be a site-specific Bundle House “ConfeSHUNal.” Inside of the Bundle House structure, Smith will act as The Redeemer. Visitors will be asked to check off a list if Seven Deadly Sins, with the option to have The Redeemer take lashes for their atonement. The checklist is then slipped to Smith inside the ConfeSHUNal, and exchanged for a mixed-media drawing that Smith will create based on the sins checked within 3 minutes. If the visitor chose for The Redeemer to atone for their sins, Smith will then lash himself the requested number of times, using a whip made of leather strips bundled together. An illuminated manuscript charting the results of each ConfeSHUNal is created for all sinners to see.

Bundle House ConfeSHUNal
Bundle House ConfeSHUNal