The Art of Cardboard

Released by Rockport Publishers (July 15, 2015), The Art of Cardboard: Big Ideas for Creativity, Collaboration, Storytelling, and Reuse features the work of 20 artists who elevate ordinary cardboard into the fine art realm. Featuring Laurence Vallieres, Lacy Barry, Muffinhead, Ann Weber, Taro Hattori, Jillian Salik, Dosshaus, Kiel Johnson, Maikai’i Tubbs, EVOL, Chris Gilmour, Andy Barrett, Daniel Agdag, and more.

Breathe new life into that old cardboard box! Though paper and cardboard seem common and humble materials, discover the totally unexpected, beautiful and intricate art that can be created using the repurposed and up cycled resource.

The Art of Cardboard showcases the grand and imaginative scale of cardboard art and design. Inside, you’ll find jaw-dropping cardboard creations from around the world! You’ll discover the process of each art form, as well as tricks of the trade, from small clever projects to huge art installations.

Much more than a book about “neat” cardboard designs, Lori Zimmer guides you through amazing large-scale art production, immersive environments, working from intuition, collaboration, the artist’s role in society, alternative creative economies, contemporary mythology, storytelling and more.

With such a readily available material, what will you create?


  1. From the preview I have seen of your book “The art of cardboard” looks a great book but unfortunately I cannot get a copy from mainstream booksellers in the UK and Amazon and Ebay are only selling it at inflated prices. Any ideas where I might be able to get your book for a reasonable price as I think it would help my development as a mixed media student artist principally working in cardboard.
    Many thanks for your help Tim

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